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Experienced Professional Contractors Wanted

Boardwalk’s aggressive renovation strategy has proven to be a key component to our company’s success and our high level of customer service. Boardwalk has on-going opportunities for experienced professional contractors. If you are a professional contractor interested in working with us, please complete the following information form.

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Insurance Requirements

  • The Contractor shall obtain and pay for the following insurance prior to commencing supply to BOARDWALK:
    1. Comprehensive general liability insurance in forms and with Insurers satisfactory to BOARDWALK, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld, with a coverage limit not less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) inclusive limit for any one occurrence, on any contract (the “Contractor’s Liability Insurance”); and
    2. Owned Automobile Liability Insurance. (collectively the “Contractor’s Insurance”)
  • Unless waived by notice in writing given by BOARDWALK to the Contractor before the Contractor commences supply, the Contractor shall ensure that the Contractor’s Liability Insurance contains the following provisions:
    1. BOARDWALK shall be named as an Additional Insured to the Contractor’s Liability Insurance policy;
    2. The Contractor’s employees, agents and sub-contractors shall be named as Additional Insureds to the Contractor’s Liability Insurance policy;
    3. The Contractor’s Liability Insurance shall not be cancelled or materially changed without BOARDWALK first being provided with thirty (30) days’ written notice;
    4. A waiver of subrogation against BOARDWALK;
    5. A cross-liability clause;
    6. Products and completed operations extension;
    7. Non-owned Automobile Liability;
    8. A “drift” coverage extension, if the Contractor is to, in the course of supply to BOARDWALK, use any product that involves outdoor spraying;
    9. BOARDWALK shall be provided, by the Contractor’s Liability Insurance provider, with a notice in the event of any policy’s reduction in insurance coverage and/or cancellation.
  • The Contractor shall not take any steps to supply any goods or services to BOARDWALK until the Contractor has first provided BOARDWALK with such written proof as BOARDWALK may reasonably require that the Contractor has obtained and paid for Contractor’s Insurance.
  • The Contractor shall maintain Contractor’s Insurance for the duration of any supply contracts between BOARDWALK and the Contractor, including any extension thereof.
  • The Contractor shall, within three (3) business days after receiving BOARDWALK’s written request, provide BOARDWALK with such written proof as BOARDWALK may reasonably require, that the Contractor has current Contractor’s Insurance.
  • The Contractor shall immediately notify BOARDWALK in writing if Contractor’s Insurance is cancelled or materially changed.
  • If for any reason the Contractor’s coverage under the Contractor’s Insurance lapses, or the Contractor fails to provide BOARDWALK with written proof of insurance, BOARDWALK may, in its absolute discretion, immediately terminate any supply contracts BOARDWALK may have with the Contractor.
Apartments For Rent | Boardwalk Rental Communities

WCB Requirements

The Contractor shall submit, with their offer, a clearance letter from the provincial Compensation Board for Workers (WCB, WSIB, CSST), stating that the Contractor has an account in good standing with the province’s Compensation Board for Workers; the Contractor must hold such accounts in all Provinces that the Contractor provides service to BOARDWALK. This letter will be in the name and account number of the Contractor who has offered to provide services and supplies under this agreement. The account must include personal coverage for, inter alia, all partners, proprietors or directors of the firm, company or corporation who are present, or may have cause to be present, at the work site. The Contractor shall ensure compliance by both the Contractor itself and sub-contractors with the requirements of the provinces Workers’ Compensation Legislation and all applicable rules and regulations thereunder, throughout the term of the Agreement. BOARDWALK reserves the right to request a clearance letter at any time. Should the Contractor’s provincial Compensation Board for Workers (WCB,WSIB, CSST) account not be in good standing at the time of payment, BOARDWALK reserves the right to hold back full payment until such time as clearance is received, or hold back the amount of the arrears so that payment may be made to the provincial Compensation Board for Workers (WCB, WSIB, CSST) on the Contractor’s behalf, where such liability exists.