Affordable Housing

We believe everyone deserves a safe place to call home. As we strive to be Canada's friendliest owner and operator of rental communities, we hope to be able to provide affordable housing for those who need it most. We realize financial troubles can fall upon anyone. Support and a helping hand is often all it takes to get out of a negative financial situation so this is why Boardwalk is committed to helping Resident Members who are struggling with financial hardship.

Rent Supplement Programs

Over 1,000 Boardwalk rental apartments are a part of affordable housing programs run by local housing authorities in six different cities across Canada. These programs work by splitting the rental rate into three separate parts:

  • The Resident Member pays what they are able to afford
  • The housing authority pays another portion of the rent
  • Boardwalk Rental Communities pays the third portion of the rent

Internal Subsidy (excluding Québec)

Boardwalk is proud to offer an internally funded rental subsidy program for which we do not receive government support or any special tax credit. This program gives rent relief to our Resident Members in the form of:

  • Waiving a rental increase
  • Temporary rent freeze
  • Temporary rent reduction

In addition to this program, we also provide assistance through:

  • Referral to agencies and subsidy programs
  • Transfers to more affordable Boardwalk apartment buildings
  • Early release of the security deposit