Be Good

Boardwalk Angels

Believing every act of giving inspires another, we started the Boardwalk Angels program, a unique program inspiring Boardwalk’s 55,000 Resident Members and 1,500 Associates to make a difference in their communities through their commitment to hands-on community service opportunities.

The Boardwalk Angels program embraces numerous charity initiatives and strives to better the lives of those we serve, not only in our many Boardwalk communities, but in other communities both near and far.

The Angels program is built on Boardwalk’s Golden Foundation. These foundational pillars remind us that service comes without the expectation of reward. Boardwalk Rental Communities is proud of its long history of giving back to others.

A few examples include our Changing Lives Benefit (Homes of Hope builds), numerous Feed the Homeless events across Canada, the Quebec Cancer Society Daffodil Campaign, Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Campaign, Saskatoon’s Easter Seal Drop Zone, Boardwalk’s Walk for Wellspring in London and many more.

Boardwalk includes Resident Members in these humanitarian pursuits because we believe we can do so much more together.

Boardwalk has been involved in the Changing Lives Benefit for more than 10 years. Our partners there once said, “It is easy to tell a Boardwalk home because each has a heart beside the entrance.

It was this simple, yet profound, declaration that led to our Heart Plaques. Whenever a Resident Member participates in an Angels event, their community receives a Heart Plaque (or subsequent platelets) detailing their involvement. These Heart Plaques are proudly displayed in the Leasing Office or building foyer. When we began the program in 2012, we had 17 sites participate; the next year the number doubled; today, we have over 100 Communities participating in the program. The program continues to engage both our Associates and our Resident Members and we are very proud of our all our Boardwalk communities for their desire to help others.

At Boardwalk we firmly believe Community is not a celebration of me and mine, or you and yours. Rather, Community is service with a common vision, a consistent voice and a collective action. Community is a celebration of ‘we’ and ‘our’. Embracing this vision with humility, Boardwalk Rental Communities recognizes how fortunate we are to be able to serve those in need.