Bringing You Home

At Boardwalk Rental Communities, our daily interactions are centered on two core principles: our commitment to ensuring Resident Members enjoy superior customer service in our high quality rental communities and that they are proud to call Boardwalk home.

Through our delivery of quality customer service and the pride we take in who we are, what we do and why, our core principles and values continue to define us as an organization that truly cares about those we serve. We believe the Boardwalk Community is built on love, where our Resident Members feel at home and have a very real sense of belonging. We believe a sense of home, comfort, and belonging encapsulates what community means to us. Through our words and actions, we define who we are and what it is like to live in a Boardwalk community where our Associates and Resident Members treat each other as family.

Our Story

  • 1984

    Where It All Started 

    Boardwalk Rental Communities began as a private company in 1984 when brothers Sam and Van Kolias purchased a 16-unit walk-up building in Calgary. They immediately set to work renovating the interior and exterior of the building. Their hard work paid off as the newly improved building quickly filled with Residents. Within six months, the brothers sold the fully occupied property to fund newly created jobs and further acquisitions of similar properties.

  • 1994

    Going Public

    In January of 1994, Boardwalk Rental Communities went public on the Alberta Stock Exchange, giving Associates the opportunity to own part of the company for just $0.0675 per share (accounting for two stock splits). During that year, Boardwalk purchased more than 1,000 apartment units in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

  • 2002

    Expanding Eastward

    In 1996, Boardwalk Rental Communities expanded into Saskatchewan, and, in 1999, expanded into Central Canada by purchasing apartment buildings in Ontario. In 2002, Boardwalk expanded further once again and established a presence in Quebec.

  • 2004

    Transitioning to a REIT

    With 31,780 suites, Boardwalk Rental Communities converted to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). A REIT is a corporation that is not taxed because it distributes most of its net taxable income to unitholders.

  • 2012

    Boardwalk Builds

    Boardwalk commenced its very first development project in 2012 by building on excess land owned by the Trust. Boardwalk received a rent subsidy grant from the Province of Alberta for approximately half the cost of the development project, and, in return, committed to providing 54 of the 109 units as affordable housing at a rate 10% below CMHC market rents for a period of 20 years.

  • Today


    Today, with over 30,000 suites, Boardwalk Rental Communities strives to be the friendliest owner and operator of multi-family residential communities in Canada. Boardwalk currently employs more than 1,500 skilled and dedicated Associates and provides superior customer service to more than 55,000 Resident Members across four provinces in Canada.

Golden Foundation

Boardwalk Rental Communities is built on four pillars which we call our Golden Foundation. We incorporate these pillars into everything we do and they can be summed up by our belief to Love Always.

  • The Golden Rule
    "Treat others as you would like to be treated"
  • The Golden Goal
    "Be Good"
  • The Golden Vision
    "Love Community"
  • The Golden Mission
    "Have Fun"

Mission, Vision and Values

Boardwalk Rental Communities is proud of, and committed to, our Mission, Vision and Values. The following statements govern the decisions and policies our company makes and determine the way we treat each other, our Associates, our Resident Members, and our communities.

Our Mission

To serve and provide our Resident Members with quality rental communities.

Our Vision

We Will:
Work together in a team environment of mutual respect, trust and honesty from all Associates and Resident Members.
We Will:
Serve our Resident Members’ need for an affordable, quality, well-kept home.
We Will:
Maintain building exteriors and landscaping, thereby increasing "curb appeal"; have well-kept common areas and ensure our homes are clean and well maintained.
We Will:
Maintain a balance between our Resident Members, Associates, Unitholders, communities and families.
We Will:
Nurture and promote a learning environment where our Associates' skills and capabilities grow with the needs of both the company and our Resident Members, and accept that these needs will be constantly evolving and improving the definition of "Rental Communities".
We Will:
Provide our Associates access to the latest tools and technology.

Our Values

Integrity: We will be honest, accountable, transparent, objective, constructive, respectful and trusting in our dealings with others, appreciating their views and differences.

Our Associates: We will provide a safe and respectful work environment that attracts, supports, develops and recognizes high-performing and innovative team members while striving to maintain a strong work-life balance.

Teamwork: We will effectively work as a team, appreciating and benefiting from each other's unique talents and skills in an open environment while recognizing that the team's successes are our successes.

Customer Service: We will promptly respond to Resident Member concerns and needs with thoughtfulness, compassion and innovation while at the same time striving to develop proactive solutions through a support network and a positive service attitude.

Social Responsibility: We will contribute to our communities and encourage our Associates and Resident Members to also contribute in ways that reflect our Golden Foundation, balancing our needs with those of others.