Where Love Always Lives


At Boardwalk, we believe caring, respectful, and supportive communities are essential to the well-being of all our Associates and Resident Members. To achieve this, we value each member of our community:

  • Our Associates 
    Boardwalk’s Associates and their collective contribution are the keys to our continued success. We are a team. Our energy, creativity, and dedication are essential elements of who we are. We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and happy working environment that respects the rights of all Associates. This includes protecting the confidentiality and privacy of Associate records, personal activities, and personal information. We believe that only a happy and valued team can bring our Resident Members the sense of belonging and home we wish for each of them.
  • Our Resident Members 
    Each Boardwalk Associate has a responsibility to our Resident Members. Though some Associates may have greater contact with Resident Members than others, every Associate directly impacts how our Resident Members feel about the service we provide and the relationships we build. For this reason, we will always conduct ourselves in a respectful and professional manner, exemplifying our Values and Boardwalk’s Golden Foundation.
  • Our Unitholders 
    Boardwalk Rental Communities is committed to providing value to its Unitholders in a number of ways, one of which is to maintain a strong financial position. Unitholder value is created when our Associates positively and directly impact the living experience of our Resident Members, creating the highest possible levels of satisfaction and loyalty. We are dedicated to conducting business in the Unitholders’ best interests and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In order to inform them of major actions or decisions, Boardwalk believes in timely communications with our Unitholder.
  • Our Communities 
    Boardwalk recognizes the influence and impact we have on our communities and those who live within them. We believe companies have social responsibilities that extend beyond the operation of their business. Through our Associates and Resident Members, we are committed to improving the well-being of our local and global communities and charitable organizations.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

Boardwalk Accessibility Plan

Our Promise

Boardwalk’s Associates and Resident Members are committed to honouring our Golden Foundation in our daily communications and interactions as we live and work together.

We are committed to fostering respectful, friendly, and supportive communities that engender a very real sense of family and belonging.

Through our collective actions and contributions, Boardwalk Associates and Resident Members are committed to proudly doing their part in building better, stronger and thriving communities.