Building Better Communities

Have Fun

Our Communities are more than just a place to live: every Boardwalk community is a place where we want our Resident Members to feel a sense of family and community, a place they can call home. Boardwalk believes in nurturing relationships within our Boardwalk family and we do this by engaging in various events where our Resident Members and Associates come together. Building Better Communities for us all to live and work in is our purpose, one we can achieve together by giving back to our communities, or by simply coming together in the spirit of fun.

Across the Board

Across the Board is a magazine dedicated to our Resident Members. Inside you’ll find heartfelt stories about Boardwalk’s Community involvement across Canada.

If you are a current Boardwalk Resident Member and have a story or photo you would like to share, log on to our secure Resident Member Website to send us your submission!

We hope you enjoy the most recent issue of Across the Board.