Two and Three Bed Apartments

Published: July 4, 2024

Finding Two-Bedroom and Three-Bedroom Apartments For Rent Near You

When it comes to apartment hunting for a family, or roommates, one of the primary decisions you'll face is finding available two-bedroom apartments for rent or three-bedroom apartments for rent. Each option offers its own unique advantages and considerations, catering to a variety of lifestyles and preferences. Let's explore the key factors to consider when looking for larger apartments.

Space and affordability

One of the most significant differences between two-bedroom apartments for rent and three-bedroom apartments is, of course, the amount of space they provide. Two-bedroom apartments for rent typically offer ample room for a single individual, couples, or small families. They strike a balance between space and affordability, making them an attractive option for those looking to save on rent without sacrificing comfort.

On the other hand, three-bedroom apartments for rent provide even more space, making them ideal for larger families or individuals who value extra room to spread out, especially when working from home. While they may come with a higher rental price tag, three-bedroom apartments offer the flexibility to accommodate growing families, provide dedicated home office space, or host guests comfortably.

Versatility and flexibility

Both two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments for rent offer versatility in how you utilize the extra space. The additional bedroom in a two-bedroom apartment can be repurposed as a home office, guest room, or hobby space, providing flexibility to adapt to evolving needs over time.

Similarly, three-bedroom apartments offer ample space for various purposes, whether it's creating a designated workspace, setting up a play area for children, or accommodating overnight guests. The extra room allows for greater customization and personalization of the living space to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Maintenance and upkeep

Another factor to consider when choosing between two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments is the level of apartment maintenance required. With fewer rooms to clean and maintain, two-bedroom apartments generally require less time and effort for upkeep. This can be advantageous for individuals with busy schedules or those who prefer to minimize household chores.

On the other hand, three-bedroom apartments may entail more maintenance due to the larger living space. However, the additional room can also provide added convenience, such as having a dedicated laundry room or extra storage space, which can help streamline daily tasks and organization.

Long-term considerations

When making your decision, it's essential to think about your long-term housing needs and goals. Consider factors such as your current living situation, future plans, and whether you anticipate any lifestyle changes or additions to your household, such as expanding the family with children or renting with pets.

If you're planning for future growth or expecting changes in your family size, a three-bedroom apartment may provide the space and accommodation you need. Alternatively, if you prioritize affordability and simplicity, a two-bedroom apartment may be the better choice for your current lifestyle and budget.

Two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments near you

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Find your dream two or three-bedroom apartment with Boardwalk

Ultimately, choosing a two- or three-bedroom apartment depends on your individual needs, preferences, and circumstances. Take the time to carefully weigh the advantages and considerations of each option, considering factors such as space, affordability, versatility, and long-term suitability. 

Boardwalk has two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and townhomes available for rent across Canada. Check out apartments in your city on, or get in touch with our team to aid you in your search. We can’t wait to welcome you home and join the Boardwalk family.

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