Meet Luke Saunders

Published: December 7, 2018

Boardwalk Ambassador: Luke Saunders

“Do not judge by appearances; a rich heart may be under a poor coat.” These are the words Luke Saunders lives by each and every day.

A hard-working social worker for the Elements Calgary Mental Health Centre in the day, and a singer-songwriter at night, Luke rarely experiences a dull moment. Originally from Newfoundland, Luke and his wife Melody moved into Chateau Apartments in November 2016 - right before the building’s rigorous renovations began.

“The transformations are truly amazing! Melody and I were so impressed with Boardwalk’s modernisation of their buildings that we decided to celebrate our wedding reception on Royal Park Plaza’s patio a week after it reopened.”

When Luke’s not too busy writing songs, backpacking, reading or taking care of his two beautiful daughters, you can find him entertaining fellow Residents at our Resident Appreciation Events.

“My favourite thing about Boardwalk is the incredible sense of community I feel. I love being a Boardwalk Ambassador and sharing my stories on Instagram for my followers. I’m so proud to call Boardwalk my home, and it’s been a wonderful blessing to raise my small family inside this big one.”

To learn more about Luke, you can follow him on Instagram at @thenewluke_

Our Boardwalk Ambassadors are real Boardwalk Residents who stand out in their communities and love where they live. To find out more about our Ambassador program, click here.

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