Boardwalk to the Rescue!

Published: May 21, 2019

Georgie purchased a brand-new harness and leash for Ice so she could take her for walks around the rental apartment building. As they were going for their daily walk, Ice heard a loud noise and in fear, managed to squeeze herself into a small space under some exterior steps of the apartment building.

 “I tried getting her out by pulling on her harness, but she dropped back further and wriggled her way out of the harness so I couldn't get her. Lots of people saw me panicking and tried to help.”

Eventually, the Leasing Office called Chris, a Boardwalk’s Maintenance Associate. Chris tried his best to move the step, but that still didn’t make enough room to get Ice out. He decided he needed back up and asked his colleague Ven to help out. Together they quickly removed the drywall on the staircase and Chris was able to climb in and rescue Ice.

“She was trapped under there for almost two hours! Chris and Ven were so kind and calm and worked hard to make sure my cat was okay. Thankfully, she’s now very happy and safe in my apartment. I truly can't thank them enough!”

Thank you once again to Chris and Ven for their quick thinking and hard work!

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