CPW Art Holiday Party

Published: January 24, 2019

Residents and guests joined us at Centre Point West on December 6, 2018, for an art exhibit featuring local Calgary artists. This was the first-ever art exhibit Boardwalk has hosted.

Max Bullin, Julia Lupas, Tobi Omu, Mary Akinniranye and Sisay Shimeles (left to right) proudly displayed their artwork. The exhibit took place in the community's cosy Resident lounge. Everyone who attended enjoyed delicious food and champagne while admiring the beautiful art pieces.

Apartment Residents discovered that our artists are quite accomplished. Some have displayed their artwork in exhibits across the world. Others had just recently taken up painting as a hobby.

At Boardwalk, we understand the importance of supporting local talent and our own people. Art brings people together. Often, art pieces represent a story, culture, or idea that is meant to resonate with others. By supporting local talent, we are helping to make a cultural impact in our community

We're looking forward to hosting more art exhibits at our rental communities. We’re always looking for new talent to feature on our blog and at events. If you have a special talent to share with the world, send us an email.

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