Culinary Coworking

Published: November 20, 2020

Culinary Coworking is a shared kitchen and coworking space for culinary entrepreneurs in Calgary. With shared workspace, business support, and a community of like-minded culinary professionals, Culinary Coworking makes the business of operating your culinary business easier.

Culinary Coworking is happy to offer the following exclusive discounts to Calgary Residents:




Ma Pies – 10%

Ma Pies makes delicious frozen pocket pies for people that want to save time in the kitchen while preparing dinner and still enjoy a tender, flaky, and buttery crust.




FoodGlow – 15%

Clean ingredient, protein-based health food and supplements.




Onie – 10%

Local small-batch gluten-free granola and jams.




Nudemarket – 10%

Nudemarket is a small, local business in Calgary that makes fresh peanut butter, delivers refills and supplies zero waste alternative to everyday necessities.

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