Homes of Hope

Published: December 7, 2018

Boardwalk’s Changing Lives Benefit is run in partnership with an international youth organization called Youth with A Mission (YWAM) and their Homes of Hope program. We not only believe in continually working to improve the communities in which we live, but also our global communities. This is why, three times a year, we send approximately 150 Associates and Residents to Tijuana, Mexico to build houses for families in need. Each simple home is built by a team of 15-20 people, over a two-day period. The homes are then fully furnished with supplies donated by Boardwalk.

While Boardwalk realizes that the nine homes we build every year will not solve Mexico's poverty or homelessness epidemic, we do believe these are small global steps that make a significant local impact. Charity home building is a life-changing experience for both the families who receive the homes, as well as the Associates and Residents who build them. For the participants, the memories, relationships and appreciation of the blessings we enjoy in Canada are significant and last a lifetime.

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