Introducing Apartment Life

Published: May 7, 2019

When Jay and Amy moved into Boardwalk’s Whitehall Square community in 2017, they began a small church group for their fellow Residents. Since then, they’ve expanded their events to include everything from block parties to barbeques.

“This is a big apartment community, and people can feel isolated. But here we are, able to learn each other’s names, and hear their stories in such an organic fashion”, says Jay.

Somewhere down the road, Apartment Life, a faith-based, non-profit organization based out of the United States, contacted Boardwalk and asked if the company was interested in collaborating. Coincidentally, a Boardwalk Associate overheard the conversation and quickly connected them with Jay and Amy. The rest is history. 

Fast forward a few months and Whitehall Square is the first community in Canada to have an Apartment Life team hosting on-site events. West Edmonton Village is scheduled to be coming online next month as the second.

Having served the rental apartment industry since 2000, Apartment Life offers on-site and off-site programs that help apartment renters form meaningful relationships within their community. Coordinators like Jay and Amy, use a variety of tactics, from visiting new Residents personally to hosting events catered toward new Residents, or those up for renewal.

“Our favourite part thus far would have to be the unique position we’re in to meet so many Residents here. We’re not some outside consultant trying to improve the Resident experience. We live here too, and we want our neighbours to experience a real, authentic community. Which is so rare these days.”, says Jay.

For more information on Apartment Life and how you can get involved, you can visit them on Instagram and their website here. Keep your eye out for future Apartment Life events near you!

Boardwalk understands the importance of community. For tips on how to break the ice with your neighbours, check out our blog article here

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