New Year, New Home

Published: January 29, 2020

The New Year – it’s a time for celebration, new beginnings and turning over a new leaf. For Pooja and Thanuja, 2020 meant moving to a new country to study business management.

“We came here together from India to study at Fanshawe College. We’re in the business management program. It’s been such a big change for us, so we are still trying to adjust.”, says Thanuja.

When Pooja and Thanuja started looking for an apartment to rent in London, ON, they came across Heritage Square. It was close to their college and walking distance to a lot of important amenities.

 “This is the perfect spot. We have everything we need here. We don’t have to go far to get groceries or go shopping. College is very close too. I think it’s only 1.2 km away. I’ve heard that public transportation can be slow sometimes, so we walk most places.”, says Thanuja.

The new students say they’re still struggling with culture shock and with Canada’s cold winters.

“Walking is much faster, but Pooja gets mad at me because it’s so cold. She wants to take the bus!” continues Thanuja.

When asked what they’re most excited about in the new year, Pooja and Thanuja explained they have a bucket list of

places in Canada they want to visit. At the top of their list is Niagara Falls, Nova Scotia and Vancouver.

“We have lots of plans to explore Canada. We want to see everything that is here; we have a bucket list with so many notes on our phone. I have family friends in Nova Scotia and Alberta, so I want to go there sometime.”, says Pooja.

When they’re not busy studying, the girls have been binge-watching shows on Netflix including Lucifer, Brooklyn 99, Modern Family and Atypical. Thanuja also enjoys cooking traditional Indian meals such as curry.

“She’s the head chef.”, says Pooja. “I’m only good at cleaning.”

Pooja also wants to find a place in London that teaches karate, boxing, or martial arts as she’s a trained fighter in karate and wants to continue it.

We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for Pooja and Thanuja as they begin a new chapter in Canada.

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