Nominate Your Neighbour 2018

Published: January 28, 2019

We all know someone who brings people together and makes a positive difference in our community. Our residents were invited to recognize one of their neighbours and say, “thank you”. Nominators were also entered to win a prize. Take a look below to see a list of all the lucky winners. 

Calgary, AB

1st Place Winner: Ashley Trimble from Oak Hill Estates

2nd Place Winner: Gerard Bouzane from Vista Gardens

1st Nominator Winner: Amanda Williams from Oak Hill Estates

2nd Nominator Winner: Lionel Mihigo from Vista Gardens

Edmonton, AB

1st Place Winner: Sheila Mears from Deville Apartments

2nd Place Winner: Amanda & Emily Smith from Oak Tower

Runner Up: Robin Graham from Tamarack East & West

Runner Up: Zarintaz Alibhai from Whitehall Square

Nominator Winner: Liam Crotty from Tower on the Hill

Nominator Winner: Vishnu Kumar Viwanathan from Fairmont Village

Fort McMurray, AB

1st Place Winner: Robert Pitre from Chanteclair Apartments

2nd Place Winner: Stephanie Cardinal from Birchwood Manor

Runner Up: Robi Sartagoda from Birchwood Manor

Nominator Winner: Melanie Wabano from Hillside Manor

Grand Prairie, AB

1st Place Winner: Jean & Tom Whillie from Prairie Sunrise Tower

2nd Place Winner: Rod Quidlat from Boardwalk Park Estates II

Runner Up: Guy & Doreen Bouchard from Prairie Sunrise Tower

Nominator Winner: Garry Hof from Prairie Sunrise Towers

London, ON

1st Place Winner: Sasmir Melkic from Topping Lane Terrace

Nominator Winner: Steve Sunseth from Topping Lane Terrace

Regina, SK

1st Place Winner: Md Adnan Hossain frp, Lockwood Arms Apartments

2nd Place Winner: Mary Ozipko & Evan Hameluck

Nominator Winner: George Flengeris from Wascana Park Estates

Saskatoon, SK

1st Place Winner: Justin Friesen & Eric Hilderbrandt from Reid Park Estates

2nd Place Winner: Nijal & Nimit Patel from Lawson Village

Nominator Winner: Inga & Vasile Chircu from Reid Park Estates


1st Place Winner: Pauline Chevrier from PH 3 - 3 Walk Up

2nd Place Winner: Constance Gagnon from Hi Rise 3

3rd Place Winner: Sarina Fibbiani from PH 1 - 4


1st Place Winner: Helen Gosselin from Domaine d'Iberville

2nd Place Winner: Nisrine Bou from Complexe Deguire

3rd Place Winner: Suzanne Bertrand from Le Quatre Cent

Congratulations to all our winners!

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