Parking at Boardwalk

Published: January 16, 2019

Having a vehicle may be considered a norm these days, but finding a place to park can sometimes be tricky. At Boardwalk, we understand that some Residents need access to a car, and would enjoy the ability to park their vehicle in a convenient area.

Depending on what community you choose to call home, many of our buildings feature reserved stalls either above or below ground. For those Residents needing more than one parking stall, some of our communities will also offer a second assigned stall.

If for some reason you are unable able to secure an additional parking stall, "tag team" parking may interest you. If you and your roommate both own a vehicle, whoever arrives home first could take street parking, and whoever arrives home later in the day can take the reserved spot. Arranging a carpool with others can also be a convenient, fun and eco-friendly option. 

Once you figure out your parking situation, it is important to take the proper precautions to protect your vehicle from theft.

  • Remember to lock your doors
  • Leaving your parkade key or other items in your car in plain view can tempt intruders. Avoid doing this whenever possible.
  • Turn off your car when you are not in it
  • Look inside and around your vehicle before getting in
  • For everyone’s security, your vehicle should be registered, insured and in operating condition

Remember - always check for, and follow the speed limit signs posted in your parking lot and parkade. When everyone practices proper parking lot safety, it makes it easier to keep everyone safe!

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