Sisay Shimeles

Published: January 30, 2019

Sisay Shimeles is an accomplished visual artist and one of Boardwalk’s talented graphic designers. Sisay joined the team as a Customer Service Representative in 2009. After seeing an internal job posting for a graphic designer, he immediately applied.  Flash forward to today, and Sisay has been a valuable member of the marketing team for the past eight years.

“One of the best things about Boardwalk is that they encourage everyone to use their interests and passions in the workplace. They want you to grow professionally, while still enjoying what you do.”

Sisay developed an early fascination with art from his two older siblings.

“I loved to copy their creations, and I think my passion for the arts continued to grow, while theirs started to fade as they got older.”

Sisay decided to pursue art professionally and studied fine arts and design at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. He also studied graphic design at George-Simon-Ohm University in Germany.

Sisay has taken part in various solo and group art exhibitions across Europe and North America. Since moving to Calgary, he has showcased his talent in various public art projects. He created a large mural on permanent display on Calgary’s famed International Avenue for the City of Calgary. He has also created large charcoal drawings to display in the Calgary Police Service Headquarters.

More recently, some of Sisay’s art pieces were installed on the 52nd Street BRT station.

When asked what his greatest artistic accomplishment was he said:

“It isn’t easy to pick one particular proud moment. I’m always happy when I have the chance to represent my culture and heritage in my art.”

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