Moving Out of Your Apartment

Published: February 4, 2019

When it’s time to move on from your apartment, you’ll need to somehow transfer your whole life in boxes to a new home. We do our best to make your move stress-free. Following some important steps before turning in your keys, will help move-out day go smoothly.

Give Plenty of Notice

Once you’ve decided to move, let us know as soon as possible. Giving notice is one of the most important steps to moving out of your apartment or townhome. Timelines vary, so you can refer to your lease agreement for the proper date and time to give your written notice.

Schedule a Move-out Inspection Date

Once you provide your written notice, you should schedule a day and time for your move-out inspection. During the inspection, a Customer Service Representative will do a walk-through of the suite with you to make sure everything is clean and in good condition.

Reserve an Elevator Time

We recommend booking an elevator time for your move out at as soon as possible. Elevators can be limited, and there may be other Residents moving in and out on the same day.

Clean the Apartment from Top to Bottom

Before you say goodbye to your apartment, you will need to do a deep clean. Check out the video below for a detailed guide on how to clean your Boardwalk apartment.

Now that you know the essential steps to moving out, the big day shouldn’t be too stressful. Congratulations on your new place and good luck moving!

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