Published: May 20, 2020

Woofly offers science-backed recipes, transparent processes, human-grade ingredients, perfectly portioned meals, and free shipping straight to your door.

How it Works:

1. Create your dog's profile

Let Woofly know all about your best friend (age, breed, weight, and more). This is where they take the guesswork out of recommended serving sizes. Based on your dog's profile, they will build you a tailored plan with their preferred protein(s) and exact caloric requirements and you choose which of our delicious recipes you'd like to order.

2. Vet formulated, whole ingredients, freshly cooked

All of Woofy’s recipes are formulated by one of the world's top veterinary nutritionists. They never use fillers or preservatives and we create our meals from freshly ordered whole ingredients like chicken thighs, ground pork, blueberries, kale, and more. Your dog's recipes are then slow-cooked to ensure that their meals are safe and maintain all their nutritional potential (with the added bonus of increased digestibility).

3. Free delivery!

Woofly delivers your meals right to your doorstep for free! Shrink your "to-do" list and keep your wallet in your pocket knowing you can rely on our fast and convenient deliveries to bring you the best a dog can get.

4. It's dinner time

Your dog's meals will arrive in conveniently flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed bags that are portioned for each day’s meals. Simply rotate their next bag into the fridge the day before feeding and they'll be ready to open and serve - say goodbye to picky eaters!

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