Diabetes Canada 2019 Results

Published: January 24, 2020

In 2019, Boardwalk Associates and Residents diverted an incredible 396,601 lbs. of clothing from Canadian landfills and helped to convert it into charitable funds for Diabetes Canada.

Since partnering with Diabetes Canada many years ago, Boardwalk has become one of Canada's top diversion partners under its Declutter program and a committed charitable champion in the fight to end diabetes.

Did you know that in addition to raising funds for research and support programs, donating your clothing has a positive environmental impact?

396,601 lbs. of donated clothing is equivalent to approximately 4,020,541 kg of carbon saved (CO2 emissions). This means that about 25,205 mature trees were saved because of the charitable efforts of our Residents and Associates.  

Donation bins can be found at many of our communities, making it easy for people to donate their unused clothing. 

Acceptable donation items include:

  • Accessories and Bags
    • Clothing (All Types)
    • Curtains
    • General Household Textiles (Towels, Blankets and Sheets)
    • Shoes and Boots
    • Sleeping Bags

Please refrain from adding the following items to the blue and white bins:

  • Electronics & Sports Equipment
    • Organic & Hazardous Materials
    • Any other textile items that do not fit inside the bin

On behalf of Boardwalk, we’d like to thank everyone for their continued support. To learn more about the program and how to get involved, click here.

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