How to Cat-ify Your Apartment

Published: February 14, 2019

Bringing home, a small, energetic bundle of fur is exciting! Cats can be super cute and cuddly, and at the same time they can be quite complex animals. Contrary to popular belief, cats require lots of activity and entertainment in their daily life. If you’re moving into an apartment with your cat, or thinking about adding one to your family here are a few tips for you to remember!

Settling In

The best way to help your furry friend get used to their new home is for them to get settled into a designated spot. This area should contain your cat’s litterbox, bed, food, and toys. Cats typically need time to warm up to new people and surroundings, so having an area set aside for them is important, especially if you have other pets or children in your home.

A Cat’s Eye View

When bringing your new four-legged friend home, try getting down on your hands and knees to see what your home would look like from their point of view. Cats are notorious for being inquisitive animals, and will play with almost anything they can get their paws on. They can get tangled or trapped by anything swinging or hanging, so it’s important to keep your new friend safe by securing drapes or blinds out of reach. It’s also essential that your doors and windows are properly secured.


Cats and kittens can keep themselves entertained with toys for hours, but they also love it when their humans get involved, so don’t hesitate to join in the fun. If you’re trying to stay on a budget, an empty paper bag, feathers or a sock with catnip will keep them busy for hours. Cats also need an outlet for their scratching needs, so it’s a good idea to provide a scratching pad, as it’s a great way for them to exercise and get their daily stretches in. Get multiple scratch pads to put around your apartment so they have a place to scratch other than your carpet or couch!


Unlike dogs, cats instinctively know to bury their waste. We recommend putting their litterbox in a corner or other secluded spot to prevent the odour from spreading. Washrooms and laundry rooms are great options, as they’re both private enough for your cat, and far enough away from your kitchen or bedroom. Just remember to clean it regularly or your cat may retaliate by going to the washroom in other areas of your home!

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Whether you are a current Boardwalk Resident or looking for a new home, bring your pets to meet the Boardwalk Team! If you are interested in adding a furry-friend to your family, please speak with your Customer Service Representative to review our policy and check if he or she meets the community’s criteria.


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