Last-Minute Halloween Decor

Published: October 20, 2023

7 Last-Minute Halloween Décor and DIY Ideas for Families: Let's Get Crafty!

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are scrambling for last-minute décor ideas, don't worry! With a few simple and affordable items, you can transform your living space into a spooky space that will wow your guests. In this blog post, we bring you a collection of easy DIY Halloween decoration ideas that you can create quickly without breaking the bank. 

We have got you covered, from dollar store Halloween decorations to Halloween crafts for kids to make, reusable Halloween décor to no-mess Halloween gourd and pumpkin crafts! So, let's dive in and have some Halloween fun!

Dollar Store DIY Halloween Decorations

The dollar store is full of premade Halloween décor as well as everyday items that can easily be transformed into some DIY Halloween décor stars!

Plastic Spider Décor

One of our favourite, super easy Halloween décor ideas is heading to the dollar store and buying a bag of plastic spiders. You can add spider trails around your home or hot glue them to different items such as pumpkins, candle sticks, or other Halloween décor. You could also simply decorate them on a serving tray or along the coffee table.

The result will be a spooky but cute Halloween decoration that can be a centrepiece on your dining table or your living room. And the best part is, this decoration can be used over and over for years to come!

DIY Halloween Bird Houses

Another creative idea to try is to build a mini Halloween village with dollar store birdhouses or to hang them from your trees. Simply paint and decorate them with Halloween-themed embellishments. You could also arrange them with spider webs and plastic spiders for a festive accent. This is a super fun and easy Halloween craft for kids and teens!


Halloween craft

And the best part is that everything can be found at the dollar store to keep Halloween on budget.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween is one of the best times to get a little bit crafty with the kids! But perhaps your kids are too young to carve pumpkins? Or maybe you’re trying to avoid the pumpkin carving mess? Try these no-carve pumpkin Halloween crafts for kids:

Ghost Garland

One fun craft to try is a ghost garland. You can make it using tissue, Kleenex, white paper or fabric - anything you have around the house. Crumple up some tissue to make a ball. Then, drape a piece of tissue over the ball and wrap an elastic band to secure it, creating a ghost-like shape. You can then get creative and draw eyes with a Sharpie, hot glue googly eyes, or keep it minimal with no eyes.

Ghost tissue garland DIY Halloween

Once you have enough ghosts, attach them to a string or thin rope and hang them up as your new ghost garland. This simple DIY Halloween decoration is one that you will want to remake or save to reuse year after year!

Milk Jug Ghosts

Another cute and spooky idea is milk jug ghosts. Clean an empty milk jug, draw ghostly eyes and mouth with a marker, and fill the jug with twinkly lights or flameless candle lights. The result will be a ghostly glowing decoration that kids will love and admire.

Milk jug crafts for kids, Halloween decor DIY

Painted Ghost Gourds

Another easy and aesthetically pleasing idea is to paint ghost gourds. Found at any grocery store, grab a couple of squash and get creative with the paint! Paint them black or white, add spooky face features, and you'll soon have a ghostly decoration that can sit on your shelves, mantelpiece or at the front door.

Painted gourd craft for Halloween DIY

No Carve Mummy Bottles and Cans

A really cute and easy Halloween craft for kids, and super affordable, is using your recyclables to create mummy décor. Wrap cheesecloth or even toilet paper around an old can, bottle or jar, and glue googly eyes to create a spooky but cute mummy decoration. This is perfect for toddlers and young kiddos who want to make a fun, spooky craft.

Mummy DIY craft and plastic spiders

Sustainable & Reusable Halloween Décor

If you are conscious of your carbon footprint or are a décor minimalist and want to avoid disposable Halloween decorations, opt for reusable ones.

Halloween towels, doormats, mugs, and any plastic or glass décor are often available at Home Sense, Wal-Mart or the dollar store. These are great ways to decorate your home, and use them repeatedly every year. You can also invest in a Halloween-themed wreath, banners, and cushions to add a festive spirit without cluttering your space.

Halloween decor for your home

Halloween is a time for fun, scares, and spooky decorations, and with just a few simple items, you can create a festive atmosphere in your home. The key is to be creative and think outside the box. It’s easy to use recyclables like milk jugs and paper and get anything else you need at a dollar store, making it affordable and fun for the whole family. Moreover, investing in reusable Halloween décor is an eco-friendly way to decorate your home and show off your holiday spirit for years and years to come. 

So, get your pumpkins, ghosts, and gourds out, and let's get spooky!

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