Prepping Before a Trip

Published: May 2, 2019

Vacation season is finally here! Whether you’re escaping for a weekend trip or embarking on a European adventure, follow these tips to make sure you’re excited to come back to your apartment.

Prepare your home before heading on vacation

Let the Leasing Office Know

If you’ll be gone for more than a couple days, it’s a good idea to let your Customer Service Representative (CSR) know. That way, if an emergency happens, someone will be there to help out. Also, your CSR will be on the lookout for suspicious activity while you’re away, so you’ll have the peace of mind knowing someone is nearby. 

Clean Up

This may seem obvious, but while you’re busy last-minute packing, it’s easy to forget to clean up. The last thing you want to do after coming home from a relaxing trip is to have to clean. Before you leave, make sure all items are put away in their designated spots, wipe down all surfaces, sweep the floors and make your bed. By taking these steps, you’ll be excited to return to the comfort of your rental apartment after your travels.

Unplug Electronics

There’s no need to keep your computer, television, microwave and other electronics plugged in while you’re away. Doing so can be a fire hazard, so we strongly encourage all Residents to unplug any unnecessary items while they’re away.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Make sure you leave your thermostat at 20° Celsius to keep electricity costs down while you’re away. This won’t cause your apartment to feel overly stuffy or chilly when you return and will prevent pipes from bursting during the colder months.

Lock it Up

An empty rental apartment is a prime target for burglars. Make sure to lock every door and window, and leave a key with a friend in case of emergencies. Remember, a balcony door is an entrance just like any other door and can be a security hazard regardless of which floor you are on.

By taking these tips into consideration, you can put your mind at ease and fully enjoy your vacation. Hurry back to your Boardwalk apartment! We’ll be happy to see you when you return.


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