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Published: December 20, 2023

7 Ways to Save Money with Boardwalk This Holiday Season

Ah, the holiday season—a time of joy, togetherness, and celebration. But for many, it can also be a season of financial stress and overspending. As the festive lights twinkle, it's too easy to get caught up in the spirit of giving without considering the impact on our wallets. Fortunately, Boardwalk offers numerous ways to enjoy the holidays without breaking the bank and staying within your Christmas budget. 

If you're a resident of a Boardwalk building, there are a few different ways you can save money this holiday season! Here are our top 6 ways our residents can save their wallets and enjoy the holidays to the fullest.

Rent Boardwalk's Social Rooms

Many of our Boardwalk buildings have social rooms and shared spaces perfect for hosting holiday parties! Avoid a costly bill at a restaurant this season and host a potluck instead. Get your friends and family all together in one convenient location and enjoy the comforts of home. This can also save you big time on traveling costs, and you can enjoy avoiding the slippery, snowy roads.

Boardwalk Resident Discounts

Boardwalk residents can enjoy a few different discounts just by renting with us! Some retailers and companies offering deals to Boardwalk residents include Enmax, Telus, The Brick, Hello Fresh and more. The discounts range from province to province. Contact your building managers or our support team to learn more.

Reduce Energy Bills

There are a few different ways that our residents can save some money on their energy bills this holiday season, simply by making a few minor adjustments. Please read our blog, 9 Apartment Winter Tips, for a detailed list. But our top tip is to turn your thermostat down by 1 or 2 degrees. Even this seemingly small change can save you big time on energy bills. Cozy up with some fuzzy socks, and your wallet will thank you.

Save on Gas

Take advantage of your building's location this holiday season, and avoid using your personal vehicle by taking public transit. Save on gas, and avoid messy road conditions. Many of Boardwalk's buildings are located near shopping amenities and public transport routes, allowing you to get around warm and safe.

Additionally, opting to park in one of Boardwalk's underground or covered parkades means your car doesn't get nearly as cold. Heating your vehicle every morning in the chilly Canadian winter can quickly consume gas, becoming costly. Keeping your car warm, safe, and full of gas.

Reduce Membership Fees

Many Boardwalk properties offer money-saving amenities, such as fitness facilities, coffee stations, and discounts with different companies. These amenities and perks can save you hundreds of dollars each month by avoiding those costly gym memberships, daily coffee runs, and streaming service memberships. To ensure you're taking advantage of everything your residency with Boardwalk offers, contact your building's management team!

Ditch Doggy Daycare

If you're travelling to visit friends and family this holiday season or heading out most nights to holiday parties, getting a dogsitter or putting your dog in Doggy Daycare can get very pricey. With so many of Boardwalk's buildings being pet-friendly, you might have a neighbour more than willing to have a doggy play date. Get to know your Boardwalk neighbours this holiday season and team up with the other dog parents.

Save with Secret Santa

One of the best ways to save money during the holidays is to participate in Secret Santa. Instead of giving gifts to everyone in your family, neighbours and friends, pull a name out of a hat (or use a service like and be responsible for only one present. This can save you hundreds of dollars, yet it ensures everyone participating receives a thoughtful gift. Avoid the tempting online shopping and get your Christmas shopping done in the blink of an eye.

By following these money-saving holiday tips, you can enjoy the holiday season without breaking the bank. Remember that the holidays are about spending time with loved ones and showing appreciation, so the thought counts more than the price tag on your gifts or decorations. Creating a Christmas budget and sticking to it is the best way to avoid holiday stress and overspending, helping you start the New Year on the right foot.

Rent an Apartment on a Budget with Boardwalk

Are you new to Canada, a student, a young person, a family, or a retiree? At Boardwalk, we pride ourselves on providing some of the most affordable housing in Canada and want to help people find home. Read on to discover a checklist for your first apartment, top tips to avoid rental scams, and learn more about our senior independent living options.

If you're looking for a new apartment and are on a budget, contact our team, and we can help you find something to fit your needs. We have rental apartments available all across Canada.

Happy Holidays from the Boardwalk family to yours!

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