Breaking Bread Together

Published: July 23, 2020

As many small-scale businesses struggle financially in the wake of COVID-19, Boardwalk leapt into action by celebrating and supporting local bakeries across Canada through its “Breaking Bread” initiative.

Between March to June, Boardwalk partnered with seven locally-owned bakeries to provide free loaves of bread to its Residents. The goal of the “Breaking Bread” initiative was to encourage support for local bakeries, while also helping their Resident who has now found themselves spending more time at home.

Partnering bakeries included Sidewalk Citizen in Calgary, Bonton Bakery and the Italian Bakery in Edmonton, Lockwood Sourdough in Regina, The Night Oven and Nestor’s Bakery in Saskatoon, and Angelos Italian Market in London, Ontario. 

The Canada-wide initiative comes at a critical time as many local businesses fight to make it through the pandemic. According to a recent survey conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, more than half of Canadian small businesses experienced a drop in sales due to COVID-19.

 “The pandemic has affected many businesses in a variety of different ways. With restaurant closures, we had our wholesale drop to near zero overnight. It was great to partner with Boardwalk to get some of our bread to their residents. Getting good food to people is what we do.", says Bryn, owner of the Night Oven Bakery in Saskatoon.

The Breaking Bread initiative was specifically intended to help stimulate the local economy while serving its residents through this challenging time. Although small businesses are fighting to stay open, many companies like Boardwalk are determined to see them survive.

During this time of uncertainty, local businesses need our support. Boardwalk encourages everyone to choose local to support our small businesses and help drive the recovery of our communities.

“We would like to pass on a big thank you to The Night Oven Bakery and the Boardwalk team for this nice gesture. It especially comes at a time when we all need a positive light in our lives. We will definitely visit their bakery in the future.”, says Fred, Boardwalk Resident.

Is your business interested in partnering with Boardwalk? Contact for more information about our partnership opportunities. 

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