Diabetes Canada Q3 Results

Published: November 12, 2019

We’ve got great news! Boardwalk’s Declutter Q3 results are in and they’re looking better than ever.

Between, August 1, 2019, and October 30, 2019, Boardwalk Associates and Residents donated an amazing 107,586 lbs. of clothing to Diabetes Canada’s Declutter program. Not only did we divert these items from landfill, but the donations also provided enough funding to send the equivalent of 14 children with Type 1 Diabetes to Diabetes Canada’s 12 D-Camps.

We encourage all Boardwalk Residents and Associates to continue contributing to our blue and white bins located outside our apartment and townhome communities:

Acceptable donation items include:

  • Accessories and bags
  • Clothing (All Types)
  • Curtains
  • General Household Textiles (Towels, blankets, sheets)
  • Shoes and Boots
  • Sleeping Bags

Please refrain from adding the following items to the blue and white bins:

  • Electronics & Sports Equipment
  • Organic & Hazardous Materials
  • Any other textile items that do not fit inside the bin

Q4 is already off to a great start. Let’s continue giving and make the next few months count!

Click here to learn more about Diabetes Canada and their Declutter Program.


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