River Layne Chocolate Couture

Published: February 25, 2019

Boardwalk has partnered with River Layne Chocolate Couture to provide beautifully, handcrafted chocolates, with savings.

Located in Saskatoon, SK, River Layne Chocolate Couture is a unique, luxury artisan chocolatier dedicated to creating vibrant and exquisite bonbons, confections, bars, and 3D chocolate art.

Each piece is hand painted and handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality. River Layne Chocolate Couture uses only the world's finest chocolate which they then combine with the freshest and locally sourced ingredients to create each decadent piece.

Boardwalk Associates and Residents will receive a 5% discount off all in-store and online purchases.

Log in to the Resident Member Website for the Boardwalk exclusive coupon code.

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