Meet Jane Channell

Published: December 7, 2018

Boardwalk Ambassador: Jane Channell

“They’re crazy!” said Jane’s grandfather as they watched the skeleton competition unfold on TV at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. Little did he know that in just a few years, his granddaughter would be competing professionally in the same nerve-racking sport.

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Jane Channell is no stranger to the pressures of competitive sports. She grew up a multi-sport athlete playing basketball, soccer, softball and running on the track team.

In 2010, Jane had the chance to watch the skeleton race take place again, but this time as a live spectator at the Vancouver Olympics. Watching John Montgomery win Gold in skeleton re-sparked her need to pursue the sport. In 2011, she decided to move to Whistler so she could fully commit to skeleton. 

You could say the rest is history. As of today, Jane has finished 3rd overall on the World Cup circuit and represented Canada in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang where she finished in 10th place.

“It was an incredible feeling being a part of something so much bigger than myself. The feelings I had at the end of the race of being so happy, so proud and my heart being so full of love. There was nothing else like it.”

When she’s not training for the Olympics, Jane enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family. She also enjoys making delicious baked goods and exploring the unique cafes and stores in Calgary’s Mission area. As a proud resident of our Elbow Tower community, Jane is just a short walk from the trendy and bustling 4th street.

“I love how I get to experience the Stampede fireworks, and how I can just walk down the stairs to go to the Elbow River. I love how I can sit on my balcony and not feel like I’m as close to downtown as I am because of the river and scenery.”

We feel very lucky to get to call Jane a member of our Boardwalk family, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

“Last year, when I had your logo on my team gear, and I was asked who Boardwalk was, I was so excited and proud to share with them who you were!”

You can visit Jane’s Instagram at @j.channell

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